Company Overview

Company Data (as of April 1, 2024)

Company Name Azbil Corporation
Founded December 1, 1906
Incorporated August 22, 1949
Paid-in Capital ¥10,523 million
Stock listing Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
Fiscal Year April 1 - March 31
Employees (as of March 31, 2024) 9,909 (consolidated)
5,163 (non-consolidated)

Purpose (as of April 1, 2024)

  1. Development, design, manufacture, sales, rental, installation, repair, maintenance, import/export, testing and inspection of instruments, equipment and systems in the following fields
    1. Measurement and control instruments, equipment and systems
    2. Electrical, communication and precision instruments, equipment and systems
    3. Air conditioning control instruments, equipment and systems
    4. Disaster prevention and security equipment and systems
    5. Optical instruments, equipment and systems
    6. Electrical/electronic equipment for medical applications and medical appliances
    7. Waste treatment equipment and systems (water, oil, atmosphere, etc.)
    8. Assisted/nursing care equipment and systems for elderly and/or persons with disabilities
    9. Gas meters and gas-related equipment for gas supply
    10. Water meters, hot water meters and related equipment for water and hot water supply
  2. Manufacture and sales of plastic, diecast and metal parts for equipment and systems listed above
  3. Purchase and sales of metals, and manufacture, processing and sales of foundry pieces
  4. Construction, security and comprehensive management of buildings and facilities, operation of facilties, and consultation and information service for their operation
  5. Design and management of buildings
  6. Consultation for compliance with environmental regulations and environmental management
  7. Supply of electricity, heat, etc.
  8. Development and sales of computer software, and information services
  9. Home service and designated home nursing care service and support business under Nursing Care Insurance Law
  10. Medical and assisted/nursing caregiver education and training
  11. Sales of life insurance and agency business of non-life insurance
  12. Labor dispatch business
  13. Businesses related to all of the above