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"OMOTENASHI" : The philosophy of Japanese hospitality, has come to be known ever since it was used in the candidate speeches for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The word describes the Japanese way of welcoming guests, in which the host pays attention to details and anticipates there needs. - The same spirit is behind our solutions.

Energy saving without a sacrifice of comfort

Energy saving without a sacrifice of comfort

Do you think that energy saving and comfort are incompatible? If so, Azbil's solutions will turn your thoughts around in a positive way. The answer lies in our thorough planning and thoughtful consideration, which are from the Japanese philosophy.

Personalized hospitality in a guest room

Personalized hospitality in a guest room

One of the success for the hotel operations is to provide the comfort of being at home to hotel guests. Azbil’s monitoring and control system realizes an optimal environment, making guests comfortable during their stay.

Hotel should remain open whenever

Hotel should remain open whenever

If you are hesitant to modernize your hotel system because you cannot afford operating interruptions, we are ready to receive inquiry from you. Step by step installation ensures sustainable operations and also avoids unnecessary costs.

Products and Services


State-of-the-art BMS that achieves energy efficiency, low running cost and fully-open architecture – an IoT answer from Japan.


ACTIVAL+ is a valve that incorporates four measurement functions: temperature, pressure, flow rate, and heat energy. The optimum flow rate is controlled by the highly accurate measurement.

Energy Solutions

Our energy solutions enhance your building energy performance and reduce running costs.


Solaire Resort & Casino

  • Operation improvement made customer satisfaction.
  • Providing optimal environment, making guests comfortable during their stay.

Amari Watergate Bangkok

  • Implemented an energy management system.
  • Carried out construction without interfering with hotel operations.
  • Achieved 15% reduction in energy consumption.

Shin-Sapporo ARC City

  • One of the largest ESCO initiatives in Japan.
  • Successfully achieved 16.2% reduction in energy costs.
  • Introduced equipment to share real time information to tenants and customers.

Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

  • Implementing a national energy saving model project.
  • Applying advanced know-how accumulated through experience in China.
  • Energy cost and CO2 emissions decreased by more than 10%.

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