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azbil Group Basic Procurement Policy

aG Basic Guidelines on Procurement

  • In keeping with the aG Philosophy and the aG Business Conduct Policy, the aG observes laws and regulations and is mindful of human rights and the environment as it conducts honest and fair procurement activities in Japan and overseas.
  • We ask that our business partners, too, understand the aG Basic Guidelines on Procurement as we undertake procurement activities that take into consideration corporate social responsibility throughout the supply chain.
  1. The public nature of the company and the fulfillment of our social responsibility
    • We disclose timely, appropriate, and accurate information to our business partners, and act so as to earn their trust by our openness.
    • We refuse any association with antisocial groups, under the basic principles of never paying, never using, and never fearing such groups.
  2. Observance of fair commercial transactions
    • We comply with international rules and regulations in our business dealings in Japan and overseas.
    • We do not engage in actions such as abusing a dominant position with respect to business partners.
    • When selecting business partners, we make impartial and fair comparisons and evaluations of key criteria, including quality, delivery date, and price.
  3. Social conduct characterized by respect for people
    • We do not do business with companies that appear to be violating human rights or engaging in inhumane treatment or illegal employment as defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO), including employment of children aged 15 or under, human trafficking, and forced labor.
  4. Promotion of environmental protection
    • We obey laws and regulations that protect the environment.
    • In our procurement activities, by reducing the volume of both inputs and waste, we work to improve our operations in areas such as the efficient use of energy and resources and the management of chemical substances. Through these operational improvements, we help to preserve the earth’s environment by working toward the prevention of global warming, the recycling of resources, and the conservation of biodiversity.

June 24, 2020
Kiyohiro Yamamoto
President and Chief Executive Officer
Azbil Corporation