Products and Services for the Iron and Steel Industry

Products and Services for the Iron and Steel Industry

By providing high added value in the form of safer and more reliable operation and improved energy efficiency, we help our customers to beat the international competition.

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December 27, 2019
Updated case studies are available.NS Styrene Monomer Co., Ltd. Oita Works
July 1, 2016
Updated case studies are available. Aichi Forging Company of Asia, Inc.
March 1, 2016
Products and Services for the Iron and Steel Industry

From Our Core Measurement and Control Technology, A Range of Solutions from Products to Maintenance Services

In response to changes in the business environment, companies in the iron and steel industry face increasingly complex challenges as they act to make operations more reliable, to conserve energy, to strengthen safety measures, and to maintain equipment. Azbil, with its core competency in advanced measurement and control technology, supplies the needed solutions. In the future too, we intend to continue working together with our customers to create value, providing assistance ranging from product solutions to post-installation maintenance services.

  • Tools and strategies for a changing business environment:
    Our comprehensive solutions combine production control systems, component products, other products, and the engineering skills that we have acquired in a wide range of markets. We support customers by creating the high added value needed to beat the international competition and achieve low costs, high quality, and high efficiency.
  • Safer and more secure operations:
    We support safe operations and business continuity management (BCM) by helping customers to develop carefully considered comprehensive systems that reflect the standpoint of workers in the field and prevent the occurrence of accidents. These systems incorporate our solutions for iron and steel plant safety and security, which we expect to be increasingly important in the future.
  • Energy efficiency:
    With our wealth of experience amassed over many years in the factory, plant, and building fields, and based on the results of our ongoing research activities, we "visualize" and optimize the enormous amounts of energy used by iron and steel works.

Solutions for the Iron and Steel Industry

  • Operation Management

    We raise the value of manufacturing operations and contribute to society using measurement, control, and information technology to optimize the relationships between the five assets (raw materials, energy, equipment, products, and workers) that are basic to all manufacturing sites.

  • Energy Management

    As the factory's partner in energy conservation, we help you to establish a virtuous circle of continuous energy-saving improvements, in addition to offering specific and effective solutions.

  • Facility Asset Management

    We raise the value of manufacturing operations and contribute to society by optimizing the efficiency of staff involved in operating and maintaining manufacturing and instrumentation equipment, as well as optimizing the performance of the equipment itself.

  • Safety Management

    We help you to establish a safe work environment by implementing crisis-management solutions to minimize risk in the case of an emergency, and by providing our monitoring, management, and control systems, which are backed by many years of experience.

  • Control System Security

    For society's critical infrastructure and factory and plant control systems where availability is a necessity, we provide cyber security measures compliant with international standards.

Products for the Iron and Steel Industry

Case Studies

Listed below are customers from the Iion and steel industry.
Case studies of products and services provided by Azbil Corporation and other azbil Group companies are presented. They have also been published in the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.

Note: Some of the information for March 2012 and earlier may use the former names of azbil Group companies.

Customer and Case Study Overview Products and Services
NS Styrene Monomer Co., Ltd. Oita Works

NS Styrene Monomer Co., Ltd. Oita Works

With styrene monomer as its main product, NS Styrene Monomer Co., Ltd. (NSSM) meets a wide range of industrial needs. After repeated valve failures, the company’s Oita Works plant is now introducing smart valve positioners. The plant is also using a system to improve the monitoring of valve status. In this way, by providing a mechanism to track valve failure trends, a high level of plant operation stability is being achieved.

Aichi Forging Company of Asia, Inc.

Aichi Forging Company of Asia, Inc.

Aichi Forging Company of Asia, Inc. is an Aichi Steel Group company production base in the Philippines which provides the automotive industry with transmission-related forged parts. In order to reduce the cost of electricity while making use of existing equipment, the company turned its attention to compressor operation. By controlling the number of compressors running, it optimized compressor use and successfully reduced the power consumed by the air supply for the production line.