Measurement Solutions

We apply our advanced technological strength in measurement and extensive knowledge gained as a measurement equipment manufacturer to suggest measurement solutions.

JCSS calibration service

We provide high-quality calibration conforming to the Japanese Calibration Service System (JCSS).
JCSS calibration is compliant with ISO/IEC 17025. The JCSS symbol on calibration certificates we provide can be used to demonstrate compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 calibration requirements in order to satisfy ISO/TS 16949 or other international standards or regulations.

Note: ISO/IEC 17025 is an international standard defining a set of general requirements concerning the capabilities of laboratories and calibration agencies

The azbil Group has three registered JCSS calibration agents in Japan. All three are accredited to perform calibration compliant with MRA.

Note: MRA is the "Mutual Recognition Arrangement," according to which the calibration results of any MRA-compliant agent are internationally recognized.

JCSS on-site calibration
Azbil is registered to handle JCSS on-site calibration in three areas: temperature, humidity, and electricity.
The Azbil team will visit your plant and office to carry out JCSS calibration. In this way calibration can be accomplished in a short period without suspending the operation of your systems or equipment. This service also saves you the trouble of removing measurement equipment and shipping it to a calibration agent.

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Calibration service

We provide calibration services for pharmaceutical and food factories in order to comply with GMP and HACCP by applying our expertise as a measurement equipment manufacturer. Our high-quality calibration is supported by in-house technologies and skills honed over our long history in manufacturing.

Azbil has extensive and full-ranging experience not only in providing calibration services, but also in delivering and operating MESs, various manufacturing control systems, monitoring systems, field devices, and control valves to numerous pharmaceutical and food factories. Our calibration services effectively integrate this experience and knowhow.

We have a calibration service qualification system for service engineers who perform calibration in conformance with our in-house training rules. Their skills are regularly evaluated to ensure reliable quality of calibration services at all times.
Because they are service engineers from the manufacturer, they can also assist you in adjusting measurement equipment, investigating any problems, and suggesting improvements.

Traceability to international or national measurement standards is assured for all measurement equipment (measurement standards equipment) that Azbil uses for calibration. As necessary, we issue traceability certificates, traceability charts, reports on higher-order standard devices, and other certification documents.
We implement a consistent instrument management system to manage accuracy and expiration dates of measurement equipment. The Measurement Engineering Group performs calibration in conformance with ISO/IEC 17025 as an accredited JCSS calibration agent.

Note: Please see "JCSS Calibration Service" regarding the scope of registration for performing JCSS calibration.

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Instrument calibration service

We pick up and calibrate your measuring equipment regardless of the manufacturer or model. Our service goes beyond simple calibration to include managing the calibration cycle and accuracy of your measurement equipment, and adjusting and repairing it as you wish.

  • We calibrate measurement equipment from any manufacturer.
  • Please count on us for accuracy management of measuring equipment.
    Accuracy management of an instrument is conducted according to the specifications of the manufacturer or your own management standards.
  • As necessary, Azbil will adjust or repair your measurement equipment in addition to calibrating.
    We check and carry out the necessary procedure in case of any deviation from the management standards.
  • If Azbil cannot handle an adjustment or repair request, we will pass it on to the manufacturer.
    In addition to calibration certificates that display the results, we will issue traceability certificates and various other types of documents you may need. Examples include traceability certificates, traceability charts, and reports on higher-order standards equipment.
  • Once calibration with an instrument is complete, we attach a calibration label to it.
    Options available for display include the date of calibration and the due date of the next calibration.
Calibration label

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